ACNL Path Qr Codes + Home Stuck Cosplay QR Codes

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READ ME!!: Hope you enjoy my video, Thanks to everyone who played online with me I had a blast :) It took me a while to find Tiles but most of them are repea…

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17 responses to “ACNL Path Qr Codes + Home Stuck Cosplay QR Codes”

  1. 29AnimalCrossing says:

    Your welcome! It says your code is not valid :(
    I tried 5 times already.
    Here’s my code:3797-5985-7634

  2. SuperPenguin88 says:

    wait whats you friend code?

  3. SuperPenguin88 says:

    It’s 2234-7427-1721 thanks!!!

  4. GentleGeisha says:

    I’m looking for a Gamzee shirt, does anyone know where I could get the qr code for that? 😀

  5. 29AnimalCrossing says:

    Sure, what’s your friend code?

  6. 29AnimalCrossing says:

    Why did you watch my videos in the first place, if you didn’t like them??

  7. kingbigdog1976 says:

    Hey can u open or gate to all of ur friends around 4:00 PM

  8. 29AnimalCrossing says:

    your welcome, :)

  9. Laura White says:

    Sweet! Thank you!

  10. 29AnimalCrossing says:

    I’ve found some Zelda QR Codes, I can look for other ones you like for my next video. :)

  11. Laura White says:

    Can you find any crests? Like from Game of thrones or Harry Potter, Mario, Zelda….etc

  12. SuperPenguin88 says:

    would you mind adding me???

  13. joel wilmer says:


  14. sonicarus Smith says:

    Open gate

  15. freyastorm11 says:


  16. sonicarus Smith says:

    Nice thx

  17. sonicarus Smith says: